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2325 El Camino Real,Santa Clara, CA 95050

About us by our reviewers:

Awesome place. I can't help it-- I order horchata and tacos al pastor every time I go. The staff is great, especially the owner, who works beside his staff with a smile every day. Great little place with good prices. Oh, chips and salsa before the meal are really really good, too-- made fresh in-house every day.

Don't leave without trying the al pastor tacos :)   -reviewed by Jeff p. Campbell-

Best burrito I have found in the southbay. I don't kniw what sort if Mexican magic mojo that kitchen staff is working with but dizznam, best burrito ever. All other burritos pale in comparison now. I'm hooked.  -reviewed by Jedi M. San Jose-

Okay here goes... I feel kinda like I have been missing out. You see, when I first moved to this neighborhood five years ago, I tried Las Flamas and it was horrible. Check out my original review. Recently, my boyfriend had been trying for maybe 6 months to get me to go there because they are open late...and quite honestly I don't think he believed my assessment.

About 3 weeks ago I gave in. I had an awesome shrimp burrito. The service was good too. We get home, and I read on yelp that they have new owners. How long ago did that happen?!? 

Many of the reviews mentioned this Hawaiian torta. So, about a week later we ordered pick up and I had the torta. Have had it two more times since. 

The service is always friendly...and we haven't had a bad meal yet...four times in 3 weeks. I guess we were making up for lost time.
-reviewed by Amy O. Santa Clara-

thank you for your generous reviews~~~~